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RFP: Health Impact of Economic Change, Health Canada

Health Canada is seeking to improve its understanding of the past and likely future impacts of domestic and trans-national economic policies on the health of Canadians. Towards that end, the Health Policy Research Program has recently posted on the website below a request for proposals on the health impact of economic change. The intent of the research is to help estimate whether, and the extent to which, the gradient observed in health status is likely to narrow or to widen and, if the latter, to identify the nature of possible public policy measures in and beyond the economic sphere which hold the potential to mitigate adverse impacts on Canadian families and communities. The deadline for receipt of applications is January 29, 2003.

The Health Policy Research Program, administered by the Research Management and Dissemination Division, Applied Research and Analysis Directorate, Information, Analysis and Connectivity Branch, funds research that contributes to an evidence base for Health Canada's policy decisions.