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RFP: Conference Resource Consultant, International Conference on Health and Diversity, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is the largest mental health and addiction organization in Canada. In 2000, the Centre completed an extensive organizational review in the area of diversity. As a result, a Diversity Plan has been developed and approved by the Board of Trustees and the senior management of CAMH. A Diversity Programs Office has been established to provide leadership and expertise to this corporate initiative.

A critical diversity priority of the Centre is to work in collaboration with community partners and other hospitals in advancing the diversity agenda in Toronto's health sector. The Centre has identified the need for a major conference on health and diversity in the City of Toronto.

CAMH is currently seeking to contract with a supplier to coordinate the identification and creative pursuit of funding resources for this conference, scheduled for 2004. This is a six-month assignment. Under the direction of a Conference Planning Committee, the supplier will

* Identify appropriate funding sources;

* Write and defend funding proposals;

* Meet key stakeholders and potential supporters;

* Provide support in the development of the conference's organizational, programming and strategic planning; and

* Be actively involved in providing advice and expertise to the conference planning process.


CAMH has partnered with the City of Toronto's Public Health Department and community volunteers to organize a Visioning Day Forum in November of 2002, which produced significant content priorities and themes for an International Conference on Health and Diversity. Additionally, at that time a Conference Planning group was formed to provide leadership to this effort.

Please contact Paul Kwasi Kafele at for a copy of the working document of conference goals, objectives and principles.

Project Deliverables

1. Work with the Diversity Programs Office and members of the Conference Planning Committee to adapt/finalize conference themes, priorities and strategies;

2. Identify potential funding partners

3. Develop, submit and defend funding proposals

Requirements for the Proposal

We are seeking proposals that will

* Demonstrate a sound understanding of diversity, equity and health;

* Describe a resource coordination philosophy and approach relevant and appropriate for a diversity health conference with international scope;

* Describe in detail your methodology, deliverables, support resources and workplan with time-lines; the proposal must address critical issues relevant to securing resources of this nature;

* Include a fully articulated budget;

* Provide samples of previously successful funding proposals in this or similar areas;

* Include detailed reference to at least three clients for whom a similar product has been developed by your company; for each client, individual contacts should be listed with telephone numbers and addresses; and

* Provide four copies of the proposal.

Criteria for Selection

Proposals will be evaluated with consideration given to the following criteria:

* Strength of methodology--ability to meet all the objectives and deliverables

* Cost

* Innovative/creative/dynamic communication approaches

* Strength of personnel

* Analysis--the extent to which the proposal provides insight into any challenges within the project, proposes options and identifies cost/benefits or other trade-offs.

Proposals should be no more than five pages in length and must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m., March 7, 2003. Submit proposal to

Paul Kwasi Kafele

Director, Corporate Diversity

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

1001 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON M6J 1H4

Fax: (416) 583-1299