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RFP: Pilot Testing of Multicultural Heart Health Community Facilitator's Tool Kit

The Multicultural Heart Health Partnership of the Toronto (South Region) Heart Health Partnership requests proposals for the following: Pilot Testing of Multicultural Heart Health Community Facilitator's Tool Kit


The Toronto (South Region) Heart Health Partnership is seeking professional services to pilot test a facilitator's tool kit, a resource for use by community workers in facilitating heart health workshops with diverse multicultural communities. The intention is that the resource will raise awareness levels in workshop participants about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and actions to reduce risk.


The Multicultural Heart Health Partnership (MHHP) is a growing network of partners that fosters heart health promotion within diverse multicultural populations of Toronto South Region. The MHHP is a funded program of the Toronto (South Region) Heart Health Partnership. In the past year, MHHP has undertaken the coordination and development of the tool kit.

Project Objectives

The project entails working closely with members of the MHHP to pilot test and make revisions to the facilitator's tool kit. The scope of the project is to

1. Pilot test the tool kit in a minimum of three workshops of different audiences such as a multicultural audience, ethno-specific audience, age- or gender-specific audience

2. Analyse pilot test results

3. Report and meet with the MHHP working group to make final decisions about revision

4. Revise tool kit

5. Conduct a Train the Trainer session with member agencies of MHHP

6. Produce a summary report of tasks, activities, deliverables and recommendations completed and submitted to the Heart Health Coordinator at the end of the project

Other expectations include

* Formulate a detailed work plan including timelines

* Communicate with MHHP members as needed in order to complete the project


* Request for proposal due March 14, 2003

* First project meeting with MHHP workgroup during week of April 1, 2003

* Pilot testing and review of tool kit by late April-early May 2003

* Second project meeting concerning report of pilot testing by May 9, 2003

* Final revisions, approval of art by May 22, 2003

* Train the Trainer session with revised Mock-up Kit by May 29, 2003

* Summary report by June 6, 2003


* Final version of tool kit based on recommendations from pilot testing

* Final summary report


A limit of $7,500.00 (including GST and PST0 has been allocated for this work.

Key Qualifications

* Sensitivity to and experience in working with ethno-cultural communities

* Demonstrated knowledge in heart health promotion, adult education, community development, evaluation and group facilitation skills

* Demonstrated ability to work with graphic design and develop creative learning materials

* Success in working with community partnerships

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Self-directed, results-oriented and able to meet established deadlines

* Experience with project management

* Competency in computer-based applications

Application Requirements

Please submit one copy of the following by March 14, 2003:

* A current CV/statement of qualifications

* List of two to three references

* Letter outlining relevant work experience including working with multicultural communities; developing learning materials; experience with health promotion, adult education and community development; and facilitation skills

* An application conveying the approach to be taken as well as a proposed work plan with timelines. If selected for an interview, one example of a deliverable similar to the project (if available) is requested.

For more information and submission of your proposal contact

Lois Houston

Heart Health Coordinator

Toronto (South Region) Heart Health Partnership

c/o Toronto Public Health

2340 Dundas Street West

Toronto, ON M6P 4A9