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Executive Director, Ontario Public Health Association

Reports to the Ontario Public Health Association Board of Directors

Summary of Position

* Directs, manages and administers all organizational and operational aspects of the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) and its projects for the successful realization of OPHA mission and strategic plan

* Provides leadership in community and public health through work with the OPHA Board of Directors

* Ensures that OPHA operates in accordance with all legislative requirements, OPHA by-laws and governing policies and procedures


* Under the direction of the Board of Directors, leads the organization in the development and maintenance of a viable, professional resource base for effective execution of the mission and strategic plan

* Working with the Board, identifies key public-health issues requiring action

* Provides leadership for the development of healthy public policies in Ontario

* Progressively leads the organization by seeking and nurturing political profile, program funding and advocacy opportunities

* Fosters, develops and maintains good linkages and communication with and between the Board of Directors, the Executive, projects, workgroups and constituent societies on the overall operation of the organization and its projects

* Effectively directs and manages the operations of OPHA and its projects utilizing appropriate policies and procedures related to human, material and financial resources

* Directs and administers all fiscal aspects of the organization in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); analyzes and interprets financial records and makes reports and recommends to the Board of Directors and Executive in a timely and appropriate manner

* Directs, develops and manages projects in accordance with the OPHA Project Policy

* Creates and sustains a positive workplace environment for employees

* Develops and maintains proactive communication and working relationships with external stakeholders including federal and provincial levels of government, policy staff, sector associations and funders

* Acts as a spokesperson for OPHA
Specific Requirements

* Post-graduate degree in a relevant field, or equivalent experience (Health, Management, Business, Public Administration, etc.)


* A minimum of five years management experience in public health, community health or related sectors

* Familiarity and experience with the public health/community health sector as part of the Ontario health system

* Ability to work with various professionals in a staffing and/or voluntary capacity

* Excellent human resource management skills

* Superior communication skills

* Exceptional organizational and problem-solving skills

* Experience working with a board of directors

* Executive level leadership skills

* Good working knowledge of computer software applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)

Location: Toronto, with periodic travel

Position type: full-time, three-year contract with possibility of renewal

Compensation type: salary with benefits

Amount: commensurate with experience

OPHA is an equal opportunity, smoke-free employer. Reply in confidence by email, fax or mail only.

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