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RFP: Development of Stages of Change Model, Banyan Community Services

Banyan Community Services wishes to establish a contract with a qualified bidder for the development of a "theory of change" model, including a comprehensive review of the relevant literature and the preparation of a draft framework for a process and outcome evaluation and the collection of costing data related to the Banyan Community Services Under 12 Outreach Program.

The purpose of the work is to respond to and expand upon an identified gap in Canadian crime prevention experience/knowledge and to gain a better understanding of the "ingredients" that go into an effective approach aimed at reducing offending behaviour and increasing social competence in boys under the age of 12.
The "theory of change" model will demonstrate how the project activities lead to desired short-term and long-term outcomes. A comprehensive literature review will identify the extent to which the proposed linkages between the project's activities and its anticipated outcomes are supported or challenged by what is known about "what works" from the relevant literature. It is anticipated that this work shall be completed within 2 to 3 months after entering into a contract.

The draft framework will propose an evaluation study to assess the relevance, success and the extent to which the Banyan Community Services Under 12 Outreach Program has made progress toward achieving its stated objectives and goals, namely, to ascertain whether the Earlscourt Under 12 Outreach Project can be successfully replicated in other communities while remaining sensitive to the needs of the individual communities and thus, reducing the number of boys under the age of twelve from engaging in offending behaviour. Earlscourt Child and Family Centre, located in Toronto, Ontario, is responsible for the establishment of the Under 12 Outreach Project, which is a multifaceted intervention that is based on the social learning model of the development and treatment of aggression and anti-social behaviour. It is anticipated that this work shall be completed within three months of signing the contract.

The deadline for the submission is October 3, 2003 at 4:00 pm EST.

Proposals may be received electronically by contacting Susanne O'Grady at