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RFP: Heart Health Video

Deadline: 17 November 2003
Toronto, Ontario 

The City of Toronto requests written proposals for a heart health video, that reflects and complements an existing resource, "The Love Your Heart tool kit for diverse communities." This resource is designed to support facilitators implementing heart health workshops that focus on healthy living. The video is intended to complement the tool kit in messaging and format.

The goal of this project is to enhance "The Love Your Heart Tool kit for diverse communities" with a video that will encourage of Torontonians to obtain heart health knowledge, develop heart health skills and support heart healthy behaviours.

The objectives are
* To introduce, complement and enhance the modules of "The Love Your Heart tool kit for diverse communities"
* To engage participants to personally identify with the key messages in the tool kit
* To encourage and support facilitators to initiate and organize heart health workshops and events
* To promote and market the existing tool kit

The target audience will be
* Agencies and organizations with a mandate to promote healthy living
* Facilitators of heart healthy/healthy living workshops
* Multicultural, ethno-specific, diverse, adult populations