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Information Research Specialist, Canadian Diabetes Association

The Information Research Specialist will build and sustain a diabetes resource collection for the Canadian Health Network Diabetes Affiliate project.

* Conduct periodic diabetes information needs assessments and environmental scans of available diabetes information and resources.

* Catalogue available potential resources within the Canadian Diabetes Association network and within Canadian Health Network Diabetes network.

* Facilitate and coordinate a process for the review of existing diabetes content.

* Develop a collection development and quality assurance process.

* Review records to ensure currency, accuracy and consistency with collection development and quality assurance process.

* Catalogue, describe and enter new resources into the project content management system.

* Assist with development and implementation of outreach strategies for collecting new resources.

* Excellent communications skills

* Computer literacy

* Knowledge of diabetes information and resources

* Familiarity with cataloguing and classification of health topics

* Experience writing abstracts or summaries

* French fluency preferred

* Degree/Diploma in Library Science

* Experience selecting and evaluating health information resources.

* Minimum one year working in a web environment

Please apply in writing by May 28, 2004 to

Human Resources Canadian Diabetes Association

Fax: (416) 408-7110