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RFP: Purchase of Service for an Interviewer, City of Toronto

Toronto Public Health seeks a skilled and experienced interviewer to conduct 20 to 25 semi-structured telephone interviews with community service providers, analyze emerging themes from written notes, and write a report. The information gathered from these interviews will be used to guide program planning for a city-wide female youth and physical activity initiative.

Application Deadline: Thursday, May 20th, 2004 by 4:30 p.m.

Consulting period: week of May 27th, 2004 to week of June 20th, 2004


Girls Unlimited is a community mobilization project initiated by Toronto Public Health. The goal of this city-wide initiative is to increase physical activity levels among adolescent girls ages 13 to 17, by building the capacity of our local communities to take joint action through partnerships. Toronto Public Health is coordinating four regionally based networks with Parks and Recreation, community-based agencies, female youth, and community leaders as partners. The regional networks were formed in September of 2001. Each network engages in planning, implementation, and evaluation of community initiatives based on locally identified needs and assets. The Girls Unlimited initiative is currently assessing the networks partnerships and community activities and developing recommendations for future directions. Interviews with community service providers who are partners is one component to inform this process.

Key Deliverables

The interviewer will receive an orientation to the program and to the interview guide prior to the start of the interviews. The interviewer will consult with Toronto Public Health's Youth & Physical Activity workgroup throughout the process to pilot test and modify the interview guide as necessary and to discuss the emerging regional and city-wide themes mid-way through the interviews. Flexible hours will be a requirement. Key deliverables include

* Pilot testing of interview guide with approximately 4 participants, and modification of tool, in consultation with workgroup (as necessary)

* Development of consent protocol in accordance with policy of Toronto Public Health (workgroup will guide the consultant on TPH policy)

* Schedule and conduct approximately 20 semi-structured phone interviews(each approximately 45 minutes in duration)

* Record notes from phone interviews manually

* Analyze recurring themes from written notes both regionally and city-wide

* Present findings at a city-wide meeting and submit a final written summary report to Toronto Public Health's Youth & Physical Activity workgroup by the week of June 21, 2004

Core Competencies of Interviewer

* Demonstrated qualitative research skills including qualitative analysis

* Demonstrated interview skills using semi-structured, open-ended questions with probes

* Demonstrated analytical skills

* Excellent written & oral communication skills

* Theoretical knowledge of and experience with community mobilization, partnerships, networks, coalitions is an asset

Applicant Information

Interested applicants are asked to submit

* Resume

* Three (3) professional references who can be contacted to discuss the applicant's experience

Please send this material to the following contact by Monday, May 20, 2004:

Sari Simkins

Healthy Lifestyle Manager

Toronto Public Health

399 The West Mall, 4th Floor North

Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 2Y2

Tel: (416) 338-1504

Fax: (416) 338-1780