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Coordinator of Peer Volunteers, Postpartum Depression Peer Support Trial,Randomised Controlled Trials Unit, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

The incumbent works as a team member on the Postpartum Depression Peer Support Trial in the Randomised Controlled Trials Unit at the Faculty of Nursing. This trial is evaluating the effectiveness of telephone-based peer support by peer volunteers in reducing the likelihood of postpartum depression among new mothers who are at risk. Responsibilities include designing and running a recruitment campaign to locate peer volunteers, assisting with the creation of a training program and running regular training sessions to meet the needs of recruited peer volunteers, developing and organizing a system to match appropriate peer volunteers with new participants, developing a process to ensure intervention implementation by the peer volunteers, and providing support to peer volunteers as required and keeping them current on issues and maintaining their enthusiasm through newsletters, electronic listserv and meetings.

For more information, visit the University of Toronto External Employment Opportunities website: to see all the details. Application deadline is June 23, 2004.