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Manager, Research and Policy Analysis, Canadian Population Health Initiative, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Job Summary

The Manager, CPHI Research and Policy Analysis, is responsible for the on-going coordination of CPHI research and policy analysis and synthesis activities. This includes managing activities for the development of strategic priorities and work plans for the areas of policy and research analysis. The incumbent manages the analysis and synthesis of policy options, for the medium and long term, for the consideration of CPHI Council and the CPHI Director. The incumbent also manages the CPHI research program. The incumbent is responsible for analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting results, and actively promoting research and policy findings to internal and external stakeholders.
Reports To: Director, Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI)

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Manages CPHI activities in support of state-of-the art analysis and synthesis of research and policy for population health goals, priorities, targets, and strategies. Develops tools and manages innovative strategies to identify public policy issues in population health and support the identification of emerging issues. Identifies potential areas of policy relevant population health policy and research analysis for possible funding. Works within context of CPHI's 3 year forward plan.

2. Supervises the work and manages the workload of staff with sound work plans. Contributes to staff development by mentoring staff, providing effective performance feedback, and ensuring that there are opportunities for skills development.

3. Manages the CPHI research program, including coordinating processes for receipt, peer review, and approval of research project reports; monitoring contribution agreements with researchers and/or their assigned fund administering agencies; and monitoring deliverables, milestones, and fund disbursements for CPHI research projects. Negotiates, manages, and monitors contracts and contribution agreements with policy groups and analysts.

4. Prepares reports and papers on research and policy for consideration of the CPHI Council. Analyzes, synthesizes, and presents results and actively promotes findings to internal and external stakeholders, and the public. Accountable in ensuring high quality products within a quality assurance framework.

5. Works with the CPHI Council, external expert groups, and other stakeholders including many recognized academics, policy/decision makers from different levels of government and sectors, practitioners, and representatives of the public, media, professional organizations, and the voluntary sector to further CPHI's projects and activities.

6. Attends CPHI Council and provides support to the Council and carries out their directives as required.

7. Works closely with the Manager, Reporting and Analysis and the Senior Consultant in CPHI to ensure coordination of analysis and reporting activities. Works closely with other members of the CPHI secretariat and other divisions within CIHI to coordinate financial, human resources, publication, translation, communication, and planning activities in CPHI.

Knowledge and Experience

* Graduate degree or equivalent experience/education in Health Sciences, Social Sciences or the Humanities, with significant experience and interest in health research and policy

* Strong conceptual understanding of health and its broad determinants

* Knowledge of the organization and structure of research, policy, and research and policy organizations in Canada

* Experience in research and policy analysis/synthesis

* Experience managing and supervising staff

* Knowledge and experience in managing quality assurance processes and ensuring high quality products

* Excellent project management experience and skills

* Contract management skills including monitoring the progress to completion

* Research and analytical skills/experience in knowledge translation and exchange, specifically knowledge of existing research; ability to find, acquire, appraise and adapt information; ability to synthesize research; critical appraisal skills; understanding of how research data can be turned into key messages for decision makers; and problem-solving skills

* Excellent writing and verbal communication skills

* Developed skills in facilitation, coaching, consulting and negotiating

* Ability to work in a team oriented work environment

* Ability to meet travel requirements

* English/French bilingualism an asset

To apply, send resumes by July 23, 2004, to

Human Resources

377 Dalhousie Street, Suite 200

Ottawa, ON K1N 9N8

Fax: (613) 241-8120