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RFP: Project Evaluation, Council of Agencies Serving South Asians

1. The Project and Background

Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) was funded to create a roundtable of immigrant professional and trade associations, community and umbrella groups through which policy positions and recommendations to increase access to professions and trades could be developed and promoted. CASSA received two years of funding from Canadian Heritage through the Voluntary Sector Initiative; this contract ends in September 2004. Additional funding through to March 2006 has been secured.
The outcomes of the project were identified as

* The community of organizations representing internationally trained professionals and tradespeople and those working to support their objectives has a viable mechanism through which to coordinate its efforts and develop joint policy positions and initiatives-the Policy Roundtable

* The voice of internationally trained professionals and tradespeople is directly heard through policy input into government and other policy forums dealing with this issue

* The profile of the issue of access to professions and trades and of immigrant professional associations is increased through a provincial information and resource base

The project resulted in the formation of PROMPT, a coalition of over twenty immigrant professional and trade associations, community initiatives, and umbrella groups. The member associations of PROMPT represent over 20,000 immigrants across Ontario. PROMPT's long-term goal is to improve the economic and social integration of immigrants to Canada who are professionals and tradespeople. PROMPT's mission is to provide and advocate for credible, innovative policy solutions that both increase access to and create equity within the system. This mission is immigrant driven.

2. Project Deliverables

A Consultant will be contracted to undertake an evaluation of the project. A small PROMPT working group will work with the consultant to give input into how the evaluation is to be shaped and implemented. A project management plan and a performance measurement plan were developed at the outset of the project.

The purpose of the evaluation is to

* To measure PROMPT's success in fulfilling the terms of the project contract

* To assess the impact of PROMPT on the external environment

* To identify PROMPT's strengths and areas for growth

Specific questions to be explored include

* Has the roundtable proved to be a viable mechanism for coordination among organizations of internationally-trained professionals/tradespeople and their advocates for the purposes of policy development?

* Has a core leadership emerged who are becoming recognized as credible spokespeople on the issue?

* To what extent has PROMPT succeeded in presenting policy input in the forums originally identified? Beyond those originally identified?

* Has PROMPT developed a profile as a credible source of well-informed policy input?

* Has the profile of the issue of access to professions and trades and of immigrant professional associations increased through PROMPT's communications?

* Has PROMPT made strategic alliances?

* From a diversity of stakeholder perspectives - including PROMPT members, immigrants not connected to PROMPT, provincial and federal governments, occupational regulatory bodies

* What impact has PROMPT had on the external environment?

* What are PROMPT's strengths?

* How could PROMPT be more effective?

* From the perspective of members regarding PROMPT's internal functioning

* What are our strengths?

* What are our weaknesses?

* What are our opportunities and threats?

* What clarity is needed regarding membership within PROMPT?

* What personal impact has PROMPT had on you?

* Is PROMPT meeting its mandate of being immigrant driven?


Proposals should include the following

* A detailed evaluation plan that outlines the approach and methodology

* An outline of how the consultant will work with the PROMPT working group

* Timelines

* Fees

* The consultant's qualifications, particularly in relation to the evaluation of social change initiatives


* Work is to begin mid-August and be completed by September 17


The total budget for the evaluation is $8,000 inclusive of GST. The project budget should include a breakdown of fees for professional services and administrative services.

3. Submission Process

The submissions will be reviewed by a working group comprised of PROMPT members and the project coordinator. Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview the week of August 9th. Criteria for selection are:

* Effectiveness of evaluation plan

* Consultant's qualifications and expertise particularly with respect to evaluation of social change initiatives

* Interpersonal skills

* Ability to take direction from the working group

* Ability to work within the timeframe

The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, August 6.

Please send proposals to

Jane Cullingworth

Project Coordinator

2 Carlton Street, Suite 820

Toronto, ON M5B 1J3

[email protected]

For more information, contact Jane Cullingworth at (416) 979-8611 x4302.

PROMPT is a project of the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians.PROMPT is funded by Canadian Heritage.