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Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Ottawa Public Health, Community and Protective Services, City of Ottawa

Scope of duties

* provide expert advice, guidance and input on emergency preparedness to Public Health

* liaise with other Emergency Preparedness staff across the Community and Protective Services department including the Emergency Measures Unit

* ensure the consistent implementation and application of emergency preparedness standards and public health standards as well as efficient integration of public health emergency preparedness protocols with other EP protocols within the City (Fire, Police, EMS, hospitals, etc).

* developing, executing and evaluating Emergency Preparedness exercises that have a major public health component

* assist with operational and strategic planning; conduct program evaluations, manage projects, advise on risk management strategies, be current on latest research related to Emergency Preparedness and recommend venues for service enhancements and integration, incorporation of best practices and continuous improvement strategies

* The Emergency Preparedness Specialist will lead and chair committees with other community partners, government agencies, and Public Health Branch staff to plan, organize, and strategize on issues related to access to service, service delivery models, and enhancements/improvements to the program and its deliverables

Deadline August 20, 2004

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