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RFP--International Cooperation in Health Regulation, Health Policy Research Program, Health Canada

International regulatory cooperation (IRC) is becoming more common as regulatory authorities around the world must deal with issues that transcend a single population or jurisdiction. Driving forces for a move towards increased IRC include globalization, the attending increased movement of products and services, and, in the health context, the need to address rapid advances in technology. The increased desire for efficiency and transparency in regulatory approaches is also an important driver for increased IRC. Toward this end, the Health Policy Research Program has recently posted on the website below an RFP on international cooperation in health regulation. The objective of this primary research is to seek information to support its policy decisions regarding engagement in IRC activities. As Health Canada has a long history of working in the global regulatory community, the issue is not whether to cooperate but how to ensure the best outcomes in the delivery of ongoing regulatory programs and in the development of new regulatory frameworks.

The deadline for submitting RFPs is Wednesday, October 13, 2004.

The RFP is available through the central Research Funding page at:

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