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Request for Consulting Services, Tobacco Control Youth Programming, Toronto Public Health

Project Background

Toronto Public Health currently offers two tobacco control initiatives that address youth prevention & cessation (Mission Possible and Not to Kids, youth committee). The goal of this Request for Consulting Services is to integrate the work of Mission Possible and the Not to Kids Youth Committee within a best practices framework for youth mobilization in tobacco control.

Request for Consulting Services

Our vision is to develop environments in schools and communities that encourage and support youth empowerment with regard to tobacco control.
This will be accomplished through the following tasks and key deliverables:

* A comprehensive review and synthesis of relevant literature

* Recommendations to guide programming decisions that reduce duplication and maximize efficiencies

* A framework for program delivery involving community partners (schools and other community agencies that serve youth)

Recommendations will be developed in consultation with appropriate TPH staff and take into consideration the following

1. Toronto Public Health Comprehensive Tobacco Control Logic Model

2. Toronto Public Health City-wide Cessation Logic Model

3. Not to Kids Logic Model (youth component)

4. Mission Possible Logic Model

5. Toronto's Health Status: Focus on Tobacco

6. Best Practice literature relating to youth mobilization for tobacco control

Required Knowledge, Skills & Experience

The consultant must have demonstrated knowledge, skills and experience in the following areas:

* knowledge of youth tobacco control programs

* knowledge of public health practice

* experience in reviewing and critiquing literature

* experience in synthesizing literature and developing frameworks to guide practice

* skill in report writing

Respondents are asked to provide

* an outline of past experience

* a sample literature review

* an outline of knowledge relating to youth tobacco control programs and public health practice

Date to submit: November 29, 2004, by 4:00 p.m.

First draft due: December 23, 2004

Final Report due: January 31, 2005

Applicants who are interested in this opportunity are requested to submit a letter of interest and a proposal including costs via fax (416) 338-7096 or e-mail: to Catherine Clarke, 277 Victoria Street, 3rd floor, Toronto, ON M5B 1W2 by 4:00 p.m. on November 29.

For further information please contact Catherine Clarke at (416) 338-1813.