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RFP--Project Evaluations, Association of International Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

"Alternative Employment in the Health Sector for International Medical Graduates" Employment Preparation Program

Consulting Project--Pilot Project Evalution

The consultant will work with the project management team and advisory groups to develop a clear evaluation plan for the pilot project including both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of project tools, elements, processes (including employer outreach), and outcomes. The consultant will identify, in collaboration with the project team, appropriate evaluation questions, methodologies, and tools and develop all necessary evaluation tools to be used by/with project partners, internationally trained physicians participating in the program, employers, and others. The consultant will produce the final evaluation report at the end of the pilot delivery period.
The Association of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (AIPSO) is a not-for-profit, independent professional association dedicated to providing a voice for the estimated 4,000 internationally-trained physicians and surgeons living in Ontario. Its mission is to ensure the effective and equitable integration of internationally trained physicians into the Canadian health care system.

AIPSO is governed by the following objectives: facilitation of access to the licensing process for internationally-trained physicians; collaborative work with other stakeholders to identify and develop appropriate assessment, orientation, upgrading, and integration programs for internationally-trained physicians; and providing information to members on licensing and meaningful employment in the health care field.

Background to the Alternative Employment Project

AIPSO has received funding from the Access to Professions and Trades Unit of the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, to undertake the development of a program to assist internationally trained physicians currently unable to practice medicine in Ontario to access employment in other (non-regulated) health related fields.

Project goal

To develop and pilot sector specific employment preparation and counselling services and employer outreach specific to internationally trained physicians which will assist them in making a transition into alternative employment in the health sector that will make effective use of their skills.

Projected Outcomes

1. International physicians are aware of their options for alternative employment in the health care sector.

2. International physicians have access to information that will assist them to make timely decisions about career direction and create realistic action plans for employment goals.

3. Health sector employers are well informed about the human resource potential that international physicians represent.

4. Key health sector employers are actively engaged in finding effective ways to use the transferable skills of international physicians to meet their (non-regulated) human resource needs.

5. Unemployed or underemployed international physicians move to either directly into health sector employment, or into re-training programs that will allow them to qualify for health sector employment.

Key Outputs

* Common model, curriculum, and resource materials for a physician-specific employment preparation program, based on the STIC model, for moving international physicians into alternative employment in the health care sector

* New partnerships or expansion of existing relationships between organizations supporting international physicians and health sector employers


* Evaluation plan

* Evaluation tools (client questionnaires, interview guides, etc.)

* Final evaluation report

Project Timelines

The consultant is expected to begin work in January 2005. The overall project is on a 12 month timeline, with the development phase in months 1-6 and the pilot delivery in one location months 7-12. The evaluation plan should be completed by month 3, the tools by month 5, and the final report in month 12.

Project Budget

The project is expected to require 20-30 consulting days at a competitive community consulting rate. Budget should include expected costs for travel and communications with local project sites (Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton) and any other relevant charges and taxes.

Content of Proposals

Submissions for this project should address the following:

* the consultant's familiarity with the issues facing internationally trained physicians/professionals

* description of the consultant's expertise in and approach to project evaluation

* description of the consultant's experience in completing similar projects

* work plan and methodology that outlines the schedule of activities and approach

* a detailed budget which includes a breakdown of all fees and project expenses including related taxes

* 2 References for work done on comparable projects including the organization names and contact persons

Criteria for Selection

Proposals will be evaluated with consideration given to the following criteria:

* Relevant experience and expertise

* Demonstrated familiarity with employment needs and issues faced by internationally trained professionals

* Effective methodology and workplan

* Ability to meet all deliverables and deadlines

* Demonstrated experience with consultative mutli-stakeholder projects

Proposal Submission

Please submit you proposal in electronic format (Word). You may send additional hard copies, but they are not required.

Please forward proposals by 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 8, 2004 to

Joan Atlin, Executive Director, AIPSO

2 Carlton Street, Suite 820

Toronto, ON M6B 1J3

Fax: (416) 979-9853

For further information, or a copy of the full project proposal, contact Joan Atlin at, (416) 979-8611 x4300.

We thank you for your interest. Only shortlisted consultants will be contacted.