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RFP--Senior Friendly Ontario Overview, Senior Friendly Ontario

The Senior Friendly Ontario began in January 2003 with three partners-- Sudbury, Windsor, and Toronto. The Ontario Trillium Foundation provided funding with a mandate to expand the program in Ontario.

The Senior Friendly program provides education and leadership necessary to support positive attitudes towards aging and to encourage the involvement of older adults in all aspects of our communities. It is a unique initiative, designed and conducted by trained senior volunteers. Senior Friendly helps community businesses, organizations, and services to better respond to the needs and challenges of aging.

There are two components to the Senior Friendly Program. The Check Up evaluates a business or organizations physical environment for accessibility and safety and offers practical guidelines for better meeting seniors needs. The Employee Workshop helps raise awareness and understanding of what we all face as we grow older. On completing a Check Up, Action Plan and training 60% of their employees a business or organization is awarded the Senior Friendly designation to promote their ability to better serve their senior customers.

The revenue generated currently cannot sustain the program. In our last year of funding Senior Friendly Ontario has a goal to ensure our long-term viability and our program capacity for sustainability.

Scope of the Project

Senior Friendly Ontario is accepting proposals to develop a Sustainability Model including a funding and staffing model to ensure the sustainability of the program for existing and potential new partners.

Target Audience

The Sustainability Model will be shared with potential new partners including local seniors organizations, municipal councils, hospitals, government, and non-government organizations interested in making their communities senior friendly. The Sustainability Model will also be shared with the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Required Deliverables

The contract for this project will be awarded by April 7, 2005, and should be completed June 30, 2005, and will include

1. Preliminary Sustainability Report evaluating basic community needs to deliver the Senior Friendly program, including a Base-line Budget, funding and staffing models, and local partnerships

2. Identification of interested, potential sponsors and funding sources to sustain the program in the short and long term in Sudbury, Windsor, and Toronto

3. Identification of potential sponsors and funding sources to support and sustain the Senior Friendly Ontario program provincially for the benefit of existing and new potential partners

4. Facilitation of 3 introductory meetings with potential sponsors or funding sources for provincial support

5. Final Sustainability Report including what a partner needs to deliver the program and identification of potential sources of funding

Qualifications Required

* Experience and proven track record in the development of sustainability models

* Proven fund raising success

* Understanding of regional diversity and organizational development

* Completion of post secondary education in a related field

* References from two recent employers and/or clients

Assumptions and Agreements

* The project must be completed by July 1, 2005.

* Proposal bids should not exceed $6,000.

* SFO will appoint one senior volunteer, with decision-making authority and one person to serve as project coordinator.

* The Senior Friendly Ontario Board of Directors will review all materials developed and submitted.

* Time should be allotted to attend meetings and conference calls.

* At the conclusion of the project, all materials loaned to the consultant and produced by the consultant shall be the exclusive intellectual property of Senior Friendly Ontario

* SFO will provide appropriate support documentation for the successful completion of the project.

* If applicable, travel and lodging will be billed at cost at the end of each month. Ground travel will be billed at standard Senior Friendly Ontario rate.

* All postage, courier and shipping charges, and long distance telephone charges will be billed at cost at the end of each month.

* Billing for services completed will be invoiced at the end of each deliverable.

* Final payment will be made on completion of an acceptable Sustainability Model including a base-line budget, funding and staffing models and local partnerships.

Required Proposal Format

* All proposals must contain time-lines and all costs related to researching, developing, implementing and report writing for each deliverable of the project.

* A maximum of $6,000 is available for this project.

* Prospective consultants will be interviewed.


All proposals will include two references and a resume.

Submission Deadline

Proposals should be submitted on or before March 31, 2005, at 4:00 pm.

Submit proposal to

Karin Ehrentraut

Project Coordinator

Senior Friendly Ontario

2 Carlton Street, Suite 1001

Toronto, ON M5B 1J3

Tel: (416) 351-0095 x215

Award Date: April 7, 2005