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Senior Health Information Specialist, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Reports to Senior Manager, Research Programs

Status: Full time, permanent

Description of Position

The Health Information Specialist is responsible for providing accurate research and health information/content to various internal and external Foundation stakeholders, as well as the collaboration and coordination of the marketing/communication of Foundation scientific investments as they relate to health information. This position will be part of the new Mission Content Team with strong lateral relationships to the Parent Brand Marketing and HIS (Health Information Service) team.

Key Accountabilities

1.Accountable for providing accurate health information content to various stakeholders. This includes

Providing Direct Information

* Interpret health information and provide guidance on how to communicate it as well as make health information scientific findings and methodology accessible, to internal stakeholders.

* Provide content expertise that dovetails with HSF marketing and health information messages providing a resource at the front end of material development and at the back end as a health information content expert.

* Accountable for accuracy and sign off of health messaging content

* Influence changes as required to existing HSFO/HSFC health information material through content sharing and collaboration with lateral relationships.

* Identify and create "lay translations" of upcoming/recent publications from HSFO-funded researchers later in the value chain, focusing on health information research for a variety of marketing uses (e.g., website) and identify opportunities to leverage HSFC funded research or emerging research into improved HSF information projects in collaboration with HIS (Health Information Services).

* Contribute to biographies of HSFO-funded researchers later in the value chain and brief summaries of each fund granted within the year (this may entail interpretation of lay summaries provided to us by researchers)-work closely with mission content team.

* Liaise with HSFC systems and process to capture HSF messaging and support development and maintenance of a health content reference tool.

* Support development of policy positions in the areas of CVD health information, ECC, by bringing forward relevant data, drafting reports and making relevant information accessible to internal stakeholders

* Support the Mission Content team and internal stakeholders by monitoring scientific literature and providing pertinent accessible research health information as defined by the team

Providing Information Via Tools

* Identify, create and maintain findings, as they relate to health information/promotion via key Foundation communication tools including: Intranet (Research to Go), web pages on National website in Ontario section, and internal communication tools, e.g., Heartvine.

* Ensure that health data and information provision is kept dynamic and updated as need through the various channels.

* Work with Mission Content team and Parent Brand Marketing and HIS team to develop presentations, targeting various audiences including volunteers and staff members, on health information content.

* Create and maintain ongoing accessible analysis and management of epidemiology stats and trends.

* Ensure internal stakeholders have systems access to research information (biographies/lay summaries/data) that meets their needs with a significant epidemiological focus.

Filtering and responding to queries from a variety of internal and external sources

* Review and approve health-messaging content used by internal stakeholders.

* Gather and analyze data to produce stats (i.e., epidemiological stats) for internal/external use.

* Act as a filter between requests for information on cardio/cerebrovascular health information matters and the SSO (Senior Science Officer).

* Provide support to Associate Manager Health Information Customer Service in responding to health queries from the public.

* Liaise with external creative developers as directed by Parent Brand Marketing and HIS team on health information content.

* Perform quality assurance function and review HSFO health information disseminated through the national website or other (national publications), as assigned.

Capturing Associated Information

* Working with Science Specialist establish and maintain database with reference to health information/promotion research (e.g., labs, researchers, potential speakers, and lab availability for tours and other lists as needs arise).

2. Accountable for the co-ordination of agreed to Foundation marketing and communication activities and programs, including

* Work in partnership with Parent Brand Marketing and HIS and Mission Content Team to suggest relevant content and health promotion speakers in support of the province wide Researcher Speaker Program.

* As needed support the Lab Tour Program and other communication needs of internal stakeholders.

Relationship Responsibilities

* Work within Mission Content Team to provide strong health information content support to internal and external stakeholders.

* Manage successful relationship with Parent Brand Marketing and HIS team and other internal stakeholders (including Public Affairs and Public Relations).

* Help to facilitate the smooth transition of work flow and specialist content provision to lateral partner relationships within the Foundation.

* Develop external relationships with CVD health information experts and epidemiologists.

* Develop open communication and strong working relationship with HSFC.

Key Challenges

* Contributing to a successful workflow transition to fully support lateral relationships with internal stakeholders through the provision of relevant health information content

* Establish position as the "go to" health information content expert.

* As part of the Mission Content Team help to develop a strong team and relationships with internal stakeholders (including Public Affairs and Public Relations).

* Demonstrate ability to deal with ambiguity and remain flexible as the development of the Mission Content Team and lateral relationships evolve.

Competency/Knowledge Requirements

Technical Excellence

* CVD Healthcare/Epidemiology/Health Information

* Information analysis and management

* Database management

* Bio-stats analysis, cross-sectional and longitudinal

* SAS procedures

Other Requirements

* MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics or Community Health or equivalent through experience of cardio/cerebrovascular Health Promotions Research

* 2-3 years experience in healthcare field and epidemiology

* Ability to use Microsoft Office programs, input data into a website

* Ability to use statistical software-SAS

* A proven track record of successful project management

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward your resume by April 29, 2005, to

People Resources

1920 Yonge Street, 4th Floor

Toronto, ON M4S 3E2

We thank all candidates for applying, however will only be contacting those selected for interviews.