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Summer Student, Assistant Research Officer, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) is

presently seeking a student to work as assistant research officer this

summer. This is an HRDC subsidized position and the salary is $10 per

hour/35 hours per week for a 10 week period.

The student will provide assistance with the following:

* The development of a literature review on the impact of the elimination of the Canada Assistance Plan on women,

* the drafting of CRIAW's summer newsletter,

* providing assistance with CRIAW's networking and outreach activities,

* carrying out various administrative tasks as required, and

* the development of a policy manual to accompany the organization's


Required Skills

* Excellent research and writing skills

* Capacity to work independently with limited supervision

* Capacity to respond quickly to emerging priorities

* Capacity to work within an integrated feminist analysis

Applicants should send their CV to by Friday, May