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RFP -- Evaluation, Inclusion and Engagement: Stepping Stones to Health

Sponsoring Organization and Background

Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC) is a bilingual, non-profit organization dedicated to building health promotion capacity. Working primarily in Ontario, our mission is to engage individuals, organizations and communities to improve our population's health. OPC provides leadership, builds skills and capacity, and shares knowledge, expertise and resources to apply effective prevention and health promotion to improve the health of Ontarians and Canadians.

The Health Promotion Resource Centre (HPRC) of OPC addresses cross-cutting health promotion practices and strategies. Services are largely responsive and tailored in partnership with clients to encourage and strengthen organizational and community capacities in health promotion. Our current focus is social and economic inclusion as a part of population health.

About the Project

OPC has recently been funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to carry out a project over a 12 month period (to March 2006). We will focus attention on the concepts and strategies of inclusion and engagement while building on the tradition of health promotion in Canada. Our purpose is to engage others in raising and sustaining the work of health promotion, with emphasis on inclusion.

Project objectives

a. increase capacity of health promoters, specifically by providing training to impart strategies and skills to apply community engagement and inclusion practices and by engaging health promoters in participatory dialogues that will shift local networks and identify health promotion opportunities

b. increase knowledge on the part of policy makers, thought leaders and health promoters about the current state of health promotion and opportunities to increase the impact of health promotion and population health initiatives and strategies

The project activities are to plan and implement approximately 8 community forums that mix dialogue, interactive communication and presentation-based education. The forums will be followed by an applied knowledge dissemination strategy with a strong electronic component. The agenda and process will draw upon health promotion, participatory adult education, and communications for social change practice. Each forum will be co-hosted with a community partner. The forums will be held in French or English (at least two in French, at least one forum with Aboriginal participants), held throughout Ontario.

Expected outcomes are an increase in health promoters' individual capacity (e.g., knowledge, skills, ability to apply new methods) and systemic capacities such as strengthened networks, collaborative opportunities identified, new resources available, communication channels well utilized. As well, policy maker awareness will increase.

Purpose of the RFP

To define and develop a suitable evaluation process (qualitative and quantitative) as the project begins with refinement as the forums take place. Specifically, the evaluation plan will

* Fulfill the requirements of the project, including

* Contributing to structure and process of forums at formative stage, based on participatory dialogue methodology

* Identifying and tracking forum interaction and knowledge creation for inclusion strategies

* Identifying indicators of health promotion capacity

* Addressing issues of geographical and sector reach

* Assessing project impact beyond programme levels

* Building evaluation into all stages of the project with continuous incorporation of feedback from one forum to another

* Evaluating the use of electronic communications to support participation and inclusion

* Address how the project itself reflects inclusive practice

* Address steps to sustaining this work beyond the project

Deliverables and Timetable

* Finalization of RFP process and awarding of contract by May 30, 2005

* Initial meetings/material review with core project team

* Preliminary evaluation plan for review and refinement

* Evaluation plan to be completed by June 30, 2005

* Two mid-project reviews

* Preparation of final evaluation reports for submission to PHAC by March 31, 2006


A total of $4000 (inclusive of GST) will be paid for all components of the evaluation.

Criteria for selection

* Evaluator's relevant qualifications and experience

* Effectiveness of approach, tools/methods relevant to adult education

* Demonstrated understanding of health promotion, inclusion and community engagement

* Experience/interest in dialogue (the art of thinking together)

* French language skills an asset

* Ability to work within the timeframe


All candidates are requested to provide the following:

* A 1-2 page outline of how you would approach the evaluation process

* A covering letter indicating your interest, qualifications and experience

* A resume

* Names of two references

Submissions are requested for Tuesday, May 24, 2005.

Please send submissions to

Peggy Schultz

Health Promotion Consultant (Project Coordinator)

180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1900

Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8

Tel: (416) 408-2249 x231