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RFP--Training and Development, Toronto Heart Health Partnership (THHP)


1. To determine learning/training opportunities for community partners that would enhance the practice of the THHP

2. To develop a 2-year learning plan for the THHP (all community partners)

3. To plan and implement an Education Day in 2006 for the THHP based on identified needs


The THHP is a group of large and small community-based organizations that collaborate on projects to promote heart healthy lifestyles for those who live, work and/or play in the City of Toronto. The Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) funds this partnership through the Ontario Heart Health Program: Taking Action for Healthy Living. The MOHLTC requires that municipalities work in a community partnership model using a population health approach to provide heart health services and programs with a primary prevention focus. Partner training and development is an integral activity that supports effective Health Promotion service delivery within our community partnership model.


1. Develop a survey tool for assessing the training needs of THHP Partners. (August 29-September 16, 2005)

2. Implement a written survey tool with the key representatives from at least 50% of community partner organizations (electronically or by mail). If a 50% response rate is not achieved, follow up by telephone will be required until this level is achieved. (September 19-October 14, 2005)

3. Compile survey responses and prepare a written summary report that identifies the prioritized learning/training needs of THHP partners. (October 17-November 18, 2005)

4. Based on the findings, develop a 2-year learning plan for the THHP (for 2006 & 2007). (October 17-December 16, 2005)

5. Plan and implement one THHP Education Day (January 2006) that responds to a high priority learning/training need identified within the survey results. The consultant will be required to

* Plan and implement the one-day event

* Recruit and contract skilled facilitators

* Conduct partner registration for the event

* Provide recommendations for a venue, catering, and other logistics

* Coordinate the agenda with Toronto Public Health Chronic Disease Prevention (CDP) Integration Coordinators

* Evaluate participant satisfaction

* Compile participant feedback in written form and share it with the THHP Partnership Development Committee

Key Qualifications

* Extensive experiences in designing/developing and conducting community-based needs assessments and surveys

* Strong interview/communication skills with the ability to elicit responses to open-ended questions

* Excellent ability to compile data and write reports

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

* Demonstrated ability to design, lead and facilitate effective group learning processes

* Sound knowledge of adult learning principles

* Experience in event planning and coordination

* Experience in working with a diverse group of organizations

* A broad range of experiences in the not-for-profit sector

* Demonstrated ability to meet timelines

Submission Requirements

The following information must be included in your quotation:

* A resume that clearly demonstrates how your experiences reflect the key qualifications required in the successful candidate

* A detailed plan and description of how the requested tasks will be executed

* A breakdown of costs including interview implementation and report production

* A list of relevant experiences in conducting similar projects

* The names and contact information of 2 references

Please submit quotations to

Linda Ferguson

Toronto Heart Health Partnership

c/o Toronto Public Health

2300 Sheppard Avenue West, 3rd Floor

Toronto, ON M9M 3A4

*Note: Each bidder should be located in the City of Toronto or in geographical proximity to the City to allow for personal contact with staff.


Release of RFP--June 20, 2005

Deadline for submission of proposals--July 18, 2005

Proposal review and candidate short-listing for interview--Weeks of July 18 and 25, 2005

Notify candidates for interviews--Week of August 1, 2005

Conduct interviews--Weeks of August 8, 2005

Successful candidate notified--Week of August 22, 2005

Project start date--Week of August 29, 2005

Project to be completed by--January 31, 2006


Quotations should not exceed $7,500.00, all taxes included. Project cost is a key criteria considered is selecting candidates for interview.

For more information, please contact Linda Ferguson at (416) 338-3510.