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RFP--Evaluation of Physical Activity Leader in School Pilot Project


The Healthy Schools (HS) Workgroup of Together 4 Health (T4H), Waterloo Region is accepting proposals to develop and conduct an evaluation of the Playground Activity Leaders in Schools - P.A.L.S. pilot project that will be launched in September 2005.

The objectives of the P.A.L.S. program are to increase physical activity, decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of playground bullying, and to provide a leadership opportunity for students. The P.A.L.S. program has been adopted from Peel Health for implementation in Waterloo Region and focuses on training students to act as playground leaders by planning and leading activities on the school playground.


T4H is one of 37 projects that participate in the Ontario Heart Health Program (OHHP), a provincial initiative funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to address the leading modifiable risk factors (healthy eating, physical activity, smoke-free living) associated with cardiovascular disease and chronic disease prevention. T4H is structured as a community partnership of agencies and individuals that actively promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

The goal of the Healthy Schools Workgroup is to increase the number of schools that have environments which support healthy living in elementary school children within Waterloo Region.

Twelve elementary schools have signed on to participate in the pilot project, which involves a multi-year commitment (September 2005-June 2006 is the first year of the pilot) to implement playground activities. Participating schools have agreed to the following:

* Participate in the pilot project for 3 years

* Identify and commit 1-2 Teacher Champions to implement the program within the school

* Select and train 6-10 Student Leaders to lead playground activities at the school

* Attend three half-day workshops throughout the year

* Inservice all teachers within the school to ensure adequate supervision on the playground

* Provide a monthly update at staff meetings and school council meetings

* Participate in the evaluation conducted by Together 4 Health

In addition, each Teacher Champion identified, will be expected to

* Coordinate and supervise the implementation of the program within their school

* Liaise with Together 4 Health to implement the program (obtain resources and incentive items)

* Attend Summer Institute Training offered by the School Board in August 2005

* Plan a launch event at their school

* Create a schedule for student leaders to implement the program on the playground

In order to support schools with the pilot project implementation, the Healthy Schools Workgroup will provide the following:

* Manuals for Teacher Champions and Student Leaders

* A toolkit of resources for each school

* Staff and school presentations

* Active playgrounds training workshops for Teacher Champions and Student Leaders

* Incentives for students

* Some teacher release time

* CIRA membership for schools (which provides resources, web access and updates)

Statement of Work

The scope of the evaluation project is for the school year September 2005-June 2006 and includes the following objectives:

* To determine any changes over time to the number of children active on the playground within each pilot school

* To determine the perceptions from students and teachers of changes over time about bullying behaviour and/or conflict management on the playground within each pilot school

* To determine the perceptions of students of the participating pilot schools about activity on their playgrounds

* To obtain feedback from Teacher Champions and Student Leaders about how the training, support and implementation of P.A.L.S has affected physical activity on the playground

* To identify challenges faced and supports needed for ongoing implementation of P.A.L.S. in elementary schools throughout Waterloo Region

* To provide recommendations to improve the pilot project next year and considerations for expansion of the program in Waterloo Region

Proposed Steps / Target Date

Meeting with T4H Coordinator and HS Chair / August 2005

Review evaluations conducted by Peel Health / August 2005

Develop an evaluation strategy for Waterloo Region that addresses objectives and outlines timelines and data collection methods / August 2005

Create an implementation plan to conduct data collection / August 2005

Design data collection tools and work with the Healthy Schools Workgroup to seek school board approvals / August 2005 - September 2005

Compile and Analysis of Data / July 2006

Final Report summarizing findings & providing recommendations / August 15, 2006


The expected deliverables of this project include

* Develop an evaluation strategy for the P.A.L.S. pilot project for Waterloo Region

* Develop data collection tools (which could include pre-training, post-training and post-implementation surveys for Student Leaders and perhaps a focus group; Teacher Champion training, project implementation survey and/or key informant interviews; survey of a random sample of students for all pilot schools; and behaviour Observation tracking forms, etc.).

* Develop an implementation plan for data collection.

* Compile data and prepare a written summary report (submitted in electronic and hard copy) that summarizes the data and provides recommendations.

* Revise evaluation strategy and tools as directed by the evaluation results and provide a recommended evaluation workplan for the second year of the pilot project.


This contract is not expected to exceed $10,000 inclusive of all GST and related expenses for consultant services, resources and expenses.

Submission Requirements

Proposals will be accepted until 12 noon on Friday, July 29, 2005. The successful candidate will be notified by Friday August 12, 2005. Letters of interest reflecting either an individual or a team approach are welcome and should outline the following:

* An understanding of the scope of the project

* CV or resume summarizing related achievements and qualifications

* A preliminary workplan outlining how the tasks to be undertaken will be completed and corresponding timelines

* A breakdown of costs including design, implementation and report production

* Samples demonstrating your experience developing surveys and evaluation strategies for similar projects

* Proof of liability insurance, if available

* The names and contact information of 2 references

Please submit one electronic copy or three hard copies of your package.

Submissions should be directed to

Shelley Bolden, Together 4 Health Coordinator

c/o Region of Waterloo Public Health

99 Regina Street South

Waterloo, ON N2J 4V3

Tel: (519) 883-2008 x5299

Fax: (519) 883-2226

The consultant for this project will be selected based on

* Knowledge and experience in evaluation and school-based health promotion

* Extensive experience in designing/developing and conducting surveys with children and adults

* Excellent oral and written communication skills

* Excellent ability to compile date and write reports

* Demonstrated experience in project management

* Ability to adhere to timelines and work with a team to develop all components of the project

* Ability to meet all expectations within the allotted budget and timelines

* Familiarity with chronic disease prevention programming in Ontario will also be an asset

For more information, please contact

Shelley Bolden, Together 4 Health Coordinator

Tel: (519) 883-2008 x5299


Ruth Dyck, Healthy Schools Workgroup Chair

Tel: (519) 883-2008 x5332