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Manager, E-Delivery and Distribution, CNIB

Full-time, one year contract (maternity leave replacement)


The CNIB Digital Library ( for Canadians who are blind and visually impaired is an accessible web-based service, providing direct access to online books (including e-braille and talking books), databases and other information, and processes requests for mail delivery of physical resources (e.g., Braille and books on CD). CNIB's E-Delivery also serves clients through development and delivery of phone-based portals to digital content.

The CNIB Digital Library is a bilingual service, designed to enable clients to customize their own fully accessible library experience. The CNIB library's collection of over 60,000 titles and 400,000 multi-format physical items, for all ages, in French and English, is undergoing a major re-evaluation and development phase in the transition from an analogue to digital service delivery paradigm.


Plan and manage the staff, budget and technical resources required to achieve the Library's objectives in E-Delivery and Distribution Services (includes bilingual web and phone portals and physical item circulation and distribution).

Application Deadline: 09/09/2005

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