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RFP--Evaluation of Narrative and Solution Focused Approaches Training, Toronto Public Health

Deadline: September 2, 2005

Toronto Public Health (TPH) is requesting proposals from research consultants to conduct and analyze 16 semi-structured interviews with TPH staff who have completed an in-house training program on Narrative and Solution Focused Approaches (NSFA).

The purpose of the evaluation is to develop and pilot a formative evaluation plan for the Narrative and Solution-Focused Approaches training provided by TPH's Mental Health nurses to other TPH staff. The formative evaluation plan includes assessments in changes in knowledge, skills and implementation of NSFA immediately after training and again six months later, as well as participants' satisfaction with the training. The research consultant will assist with the formative evaluation by conducting and analyzing semi-structured interviews with a sample of the participants immediately post and six months-post training.

The consultant will be required to

* Recruit 16 participants from a list supplied by TPH and obtain informed consent

* Conduct 16 one to 1.5 hour semi-structured interviews using an interview guide to be provided by TPH, either in person or by telephone

* Record the interviews on audiotape and deliver audiotapes to TPH for transcription by TPH clerical staff

* Analyze the transcribed tapes to answer the evaluation questions using a qualitative methodology

* Report the findings to the NSFA Evaluation Workgroup


* Submit analysis plan for approval to NSFA Evaluation Work Group by October 15th, 2005.

* Draft preliminary report and submit electronically to the NSFA Work Group by December 15, 2005, using a current version of Microsoft Word.

* Submit analysis documentation to the NSFA Evaluation Work Group by December 31, 2005

* Write a final report summarizing the analysis and submit electronically to the NSFA Evaluation Work Group using a current version of Microsoft Word and one hard copy by December 31, 2005

Key Qualifications

* Significant experience/expertise in qualitative applied research or evaluation, preferably in a public health setting

* Strong project management skills

* Demonstrated ability to meet timelines

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, using clear written and verbal language

Submission Requirements

The following information must be included in your proposal:

* A resume that clearly demonstrates how your experiences reflect the key qualifications

* A description of the methods to be used and detailed timeline

* A list of relevant experiences in conducting similar projects

* Names and contact information of 2 references for whom you have conducted similar projects

* One sample of a written report, research or evaluation document

* Include total fixed price fee, inclusive of all taxes and disbursements, as well as a breakdown in fees as follows:

* per interview,

* for the interviewing portion of the work only,and

* for the analysis and report-writing of the work only.


Total fees should not exceed $7,500, including all taxes and disbursements.

Program description, logic model and evaluation questions are available by contacting Deborah Hardwick at or (416) 338-0908.

Please forward your proposals by email no later than 4:00 p.m. September 2, 2005, to Deborah Hardwick at