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RFP--Survey of Client Response to Tuberculosis Directly Observed Therapy Program, Toronto Public Health

Release Date: August 22, 2005

Deadline: September 6, 2005


Proposals are being requested to develop and pilot-test a client survey to assess the barriers to successful completion of TB treatment.

The budget for this project does not exceed $7,500, including all taxes and disbursements.


Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) as practiced by Toronto Public Health includes observing the ingestion of medication by a client who has active TB. The goal of the TB DOT program is to reduce reactivation and Multi Drug Resistance (MDR) by increasing the number of clients receiving and completing DOT.

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care's TB Control Protocol states that DOT should be implemented for all clients with respiratory TB unless they are highly likely to comply with a self-administered treatment regime.

Although it is offered to 100% of active TB cases, not all clients accept DOT. Toronto Public Health requires the following deliverables to increase our understanding of barriers to client acceptance of DOT.


1. Meet with DOT management team as needed.

2. Submit a research plan including detailed methodology, such as sampling and recruitment, data collection tools, data analysis plans, informed consent and other ethical considerations, for approval. An electronic version of the draft is required in a current MS Word format.

3. Work with TPH research and evaluation staff to submit an application for scientific and ethical approval.

4. Submit revised plan, if necessary, to comply with scientific and ethical review.

5. Conduct a pilot test with a sample of TB clients currently and/or previously on DOT.

6. Submit a draft report with the findings of the pilot-test, with evidence of reliability and validity of the survey and recommendations for changes to the survey. An electronic version of the draft is required in a current MS Word format.

7. Submit a final report with the findings of the pilot-test, with evidence of reliability and validity, final data collection tool and methodology. An electronic version of the final report is required in a current MS Word format, plus one paper copy.

Note: Allow a minimum of four weeks for TPH scientific and ethical review.

Key Qualifications

* Significant experience/expertise in applied research and evaluation, preferably in a public health setting

* Experience in developing and conducting surveys with public health clients from diverse backgrounds, including newcomers to Canada and those who are homeless or underhoused

* Preference will be given to those with knowledge of Communicable Disease Control, and TB in particular

* Strong project management skills

* Demonstrated ability to meet timelines

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills, using clear written language

Submission Requirements

The following information must be included in your proposal:

* A resume that clearly demonstrates how your experiences reflect the key qualifications

* A detailed plan and description of how and when the requested tasks will be executed

* A breakdown of costs

* A list of relevant experiences in conducting similar projects

* Names and contact information of 2 references for who you have conducted similar projects

* Samples of written reports, research and evaluation documents

Please submit proposals to Jennifer Fuller, TB Manager, Quality Assurance by e-mail at

Proposed Timelines

Release of RFP: August 22, 2005

Deadline for submission of proposals: September 6, 2005

Proposal Review and candidate short-listing for interview if necessary: September 12, 2005

Interviews, if necessary: September 14, 2005

Successful candidate notified: September 16, 2005

Project start date: October 1, 2005

Project to be completed by: December 31, 2005


Total fees should not exceed $7,500, including all taxes and disbursements.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Fuller at (416) 338-2377 or by e-mail at