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Pathways to "Evidence-Informed" Policy and Practice - A Framework for Action

The contemporary
public health effort sees much debate about the concepts of evidence;
and the evidence base, and the usefulness and relevance of such terms
to both policymaking and practice. A key challenge to public health is
to better contextualize evidence for more effective policymaking and
practice. Theory on the translation of research findings into policy
and practice, and on knowledge utilization, offers only part of the
solution to this complex task. The policymaking context is highly
political and rapidly changing, and depends on a variety of factors,
inputs, and relationships.

In this article, [the authors]
propose that an "evidence-informed policy and practice pathway" can
help both researchers and policy actors navigate the use of evidence.
The pathway illustrates different types of evidence and their uses in
health policymaking, and proposes that specific capacities, such as an
individual's skills, experience, and participation in networks,
influence the adoption and adaptation of evidence in practice

[Source: PAHO/WHO EQUITY List]