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Research Assistant, Health and Development of Ethiopian Children in Toronto and in Addis Ababa

This research project entails a comparison between the health and

of Ethiopian children growing up in Toronto and in Addis Ababa. It is a
sub-study of the New Canadian Children and Youth Study (NCCYS) and a
joint project of the University of Toronto and Addis Ababa University.

NCCYS is a multi-year investigation of the health, mental health and
development of almost 5,000 immigrant and refugee children living in 6
cities across Canada. Toronto is one of the six study sites and eight
different immigrant or refugee groups--including the Ethiopian
community--are participating in the Toronto portion of the study. The
current project will permit comparisons of the health and well being of
Ethiopian newcomer children with their peers back home.

This "Leavers and Stayers" project is advertising a research assistant
position, full-time for six weeks, with the possibility of longer-term
Reporting to the Toronto senior Investigators, the successful applicant
will be responsible for contacting members of the Ethiopian community
in Toronto to ensure their continued participation in the NCCYS study,
for enlisting their help in finding appropriate study subjects in Addis
Ababa, for assisting in the preparation of study questionnaires in
Amharic, for coordinating activities with the Addis Ababa research
team, and for assisting in the preparation of project reports. The
successful applicant will also work with other NCCYS staff to prepare a
template for the entry of data to be collected in Ethiopia into
University of Toronto project computers in a manner consistent with
data entry for other components of the NCCYS.

Duties and percentage of time allocated to each
1. Community liaison to ensure ongoing participation as well as recruitment of the Addis Ababa sample: 40 percent
2. Questionnaire preparation and contact with Addis Ababa site: 40 percent
3. Participate in creating data entry templates 10 percent
4. Participate in preparation of reports: 10 percent

Qualifications Required

a) Formal Education: An MA or equivalent, preferably in the health or social sciences
Experience: Previous experience working on large-scale community
surveys, data entry, data processing, data management, data analysis
and preparation of reports
c) Excellent communication skills
d) Excellent community relations skills
e) Able to work with minimal supervision
f) Able to work as a member of a research team
g) Good writing skills, and good organizing ability
h) Fluent in Amharic and in English

Salary determined by experience and educational background, consistent with University of Toronto guidelines.

If you would like to apply for this position, please drop off, or send your Curriculum Vitae together with a cover letter to

Dr. Morton Beiser MD, FRCP, CM,
Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement,
7th Floor, 246 Bloor Streest West
Toronto, ON M5S 1V4

You are also welcome to fax your CV and cover letter to: (4160 921-7080 or to email them to

Applications will be accepted between now and 4:00 p.m., Friday, September 16, 2005.