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THCU Webinar - Managing the Campaign Development Process

9:30-10:30 a.m.

This session is for individuals who would like to learn more about
effectively facilitating a group through a health communication
campaign planning process. We will be focusing on health communication
planning situations that are challenging due to
* Limited time available,
* Limited money,
* Limited audience analysis or effectiveness data,
* A group that is unable to make effective decisions (or reach a decision at all!),
* Lack of human resources to carry out campaign work, and
* Inexperienced or difficult group members.

This will be a highly interactive session. Participants will be
expected to share specific challenges they have encountered and offer
advice to other participants on how they have dealt with similar

The scenarios, with the advice offered by participants, will be
summarized and posted on the THCU website following the webinar. THCU
facilitators and selected health communication experts will add their
best advice to the session summaries that are posted online. Visitors
to the THCU website, including past session participants, will have an
opportunity to offer additional reflections, comments and advice, using
an online virtual community.

This session is most appropriate for individuals who are already very
familiar with THCU's 12 steps to developing a health communication
campaign and have some experience with leading a group through a health
communication campaign planning process. For more information about the
12 steps, please visit

During this audio and web conference, participants will be linked by
telephone and by an online application that allows us to display
materials, conduct online polls and hold brief chat sessions.

Participation in the web conference series is free of charge to people
who work in health promotion in Ontario. We encourage interested
applicants to register as soon as possible as enrollment will be
limited to 40 people. Please visit or call
416-978-0522 for information on how to register.