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3-Day Film Festival Explores Issues of Addiction

Princess Cinema and Princess Twin

"In the Mind's Eye" is a three-day film festival that will explore the
theme of addiction in its many forms - gambling, alcohol, and/or drugs.
This film festival is a project of the Substance Abuse Committee of the
Community Safety & Crime Prevention Council (CS&CPC). Through
cinema and panel discussions, "In the Mind's Eye" seeks to educate and
work towards eliminating the stigma ascribed to those living with, and
recovering from, addictions.

The festival will showcase the award-winning Canadian short film "Ryan"
(2004) and five feature length films, including the Canadian premiere
of "Most High" (USA 2004), which depicts the devastating effects of
crystal meth; the 1962 classic "Days of Wine & Roses" (USA),
starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick; and Canadian feature "Luck" (2004)
starring Sarah Polley.

Tickets are $5.00 per film or an All-Festival Pass may be purchased in
advance for $20.00; both are available by calling the CS&CPC at
(519) 883-2304.

Film synopses and schedule are at