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Second Asian Canadian National Conference Against Racism

The Chinese Canadian National Council has convened this conference to
establish a national network of Asian Canadian communities and
activists and to develop concrete action plans for five prioritized
subject areas: immigration and security, employment, media, racial
profiling, and education.  This important national conference is
open to all participants, but we strongly encourage anti-racism
activists, artists, representatives from national and local Asian
Canadian organizations, scholars of the Asian diasporic experience, and
settlement service agencies to attend.  We are especially
welcoming of immigrant and refugee youth and women and will provide a
venue at this working conference for the establishment of a National
Asian Canadian network against racism and strategic action planning.

We are also offering a limited number of travel scholarships. Please
note that scholarships will be allocated to ensure equity, being
respectful of diversity in region, age, gender, Asian ethno-cultural
For more information and to register or apply for a scholarship, please
visit the conference website at