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Human Services Information Technology Applications Conference Survey

HUSITA (Human Services Information Technology Applications) is an
international, non-profit association dedicated to promoting the
ethical and effective use of IT to better serve humanity. In 2007, the
HUSITA8 International Conference comes to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The HUSITA8 conference organizing committee invites your participation
in designing the program.  We would like you to complete a brief
online survey.
OHPE is organizations collaborating together; contributors and editors
providing content; readers extending far beyond the 'Ontario' of its
name, and, a supporting technology. The HUSITA8 organizing committee is
interested in your thoughts on areas of current and emerging issues in
IT and its impact on the services you develop and provide.
This survey collects information that informs the HUSITA8 local
organizing committee. We will apply your input to the structure of the
2007 conference program. Your interests will help ensure that
conference themes best match the needs of the human services technology
community. We are surveying your greatest interests within a number of
theme areas and invite your additional suggestions.
Individual responses are grouped with other people's responses and
remain anonymous and confidential. The survey does not require any
personal identifiers. Only the aggregate or grouped results are
released to the committee; individual responses are not forwarded.
You can access the survey at
Please copy and paste the following ID and Password into the logon form:
Survey ID: S1q6ccx
Password: B36vpzTw
For additional information, visit