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Canadian Health Network's Healthlink for November 17, 2005

Health Articles
* Parents be aware: sniffing kills! It's called the invisible drug,
because no one talks about it. But inhaling solvents can kill, even the
very first
* Kids and daily medications: more than just a spoonful of sugar
required! There are challenges for everyone involved when a child needs
to take medication on a regular basis

Health Events    
* Osteoporosis Month, Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day, National
Lung Cancer Awareness Month, CPR Awareness Month, World COPD Day,
National Child Day, National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW), National
Home Fire Safety Week, Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Week

Tip of the Month
* You can be active without hurting yourself...learn the seven top tips to staying injury free!

True or False
* COPD--Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is on the rise in Canadian women

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