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LHIN Legislation Analyses Available

In response to last week's tabling of the legislation that will govern
Local Health Integration Networks, several organizations and law firms
have examined the legislation and published their analyses
online.  Bill 36, the Local Health System Integration Act, 2005,
is currently before the Ontario legislature for second reading and is
expected to be referred to legislative committee early in the new year.

A preliminary analysis from the Centre for Addiction and Mental
Health  looks at the legislation from the perspective of the
mental health and addiction sector, identifying and outlining its 14
key objectives (
The Ontario Hospital Association responded to the new bill with a brief
announcement, stating that OHA "strongly supports the government's
health system transformation agenda" ("Introduction of LHIN Legislation
November 24,
The announcement also highlights issues that OHA will focus on as they
complete a detailed review of the bill.  Health law practices of
the law firms Miller Thomson and Cassels Brock have also released
initial analyses of the legislation ( and

[Source: CMHA,]