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ARAPO Recognition Award

Do you know of someone who has written a letter to a newspaper about
how alcohol advertising influences kid's choices surrounding alcohol
use?  Do you know a student or teacher who has brought other
classmates together to complain about an inappropriate advertisement in
the media?  Do you know of a community group or business that
refused to allow alcohol sponsorships?   

It is important to recognize those students, teachers, businesses, and
community groups who are working to make a difference in their
communities by refusing to allow the alcohol industry to negatively
influence the choices of individuals, particularly those of young
people. The ARAPO Recognition Award is a new initiative and has been
created to recognize an individual or group who has contributed
significantly to reduce the impact of alcohol advertising. Awards will
be given for work in a variety of areas, including education,
community initiatives, policy development or change. The deadline to
apply is January 10th, 2006.

A presentation of the award will occur in February 2006 at the
FOCUS-ODAP symposium. The successful candidate or group will be
recognized and presented with a monetary award to go towards continued
efforts. To nominate someone or a group for this award check out the
ARAPO Recognition Award on our website at or contact the ARAPO Coordinator, Rebecca Fortin,, for more details.