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Canadian Resources on Alcohol Policy

Selected Canadian Resources

Giesbrecht, N., Ialomiteanu, A. & Anglin, L. (2005). Drinking
patterns and perspectives on alcohol policy: Results from two Ontario
Surveys. Alcohol & Alcoholism, 40(2), 132-139.  Abstract
online at

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Primer. 2nd Edition. Toronto, Ontario: Association to Reduce Alcohol
Promotion in Ontario. Available online at

Hyndman, B. (2005). Let's take action on alcohol sponsorship: A
practical guide to policy development for organizations on the issue of
alcohol sponsorship. Toronto, Canada: Alcohol Policy Network. Available
online at

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review to support a  province-wide communication/media campaign on
dangerous drinking by youth ages 15 to 18. Ontario, Canada: Parent
Action on Drugs. Retrieved September, 2005, from

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Tactics, and Public Health. Toronto: Association to Reduce Alcohol
Promotion in Ontario. Available online as

Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA). (2003). Promoting healthy
communities: A framework for alcohol policy and public health in
Ontario. Toronto: OPHA. Available online at

Fortin, R.B., Rempel, B. Benjamin Rempel. (2005). The Effectiveness of
Regulating Alcohol Advertising: Policies and Public Health. Toronto:
ARAPO, OPHA. Available online at,