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Wellesley Central Policy Workshops

Wellesley Central is offering three full-day workshops on community-based research and policy development that can have impact:

  • the new CBR 308 "Developing Real Solution to Real Problems:
    Policy Analysis from a Community Perspective," March 1 and May 3,
    facilitated by Margot Lettner
  • CBR 301 "Delivering on the Promise: Using CBR to Affect Public Policy," March 14,  facilitated by Bob Gardner
  • the new CBR 310 "Presenting Real Solutions to Real Problems: How
    to Write and Deliver a Policy Presentation," April 26, facilitated by
    Margot Lettner.  Because this is a particularly hands-on workshop,
    registration will be limited to 15 participants.

All can be registered for on-line at you register first and then sign up for the particular workshop.  They each cost $25.