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Call for Proposals--International Association for Public Participation International Conference

IAP2 is dedicated to pursuing a world in which public participation is
a dominant feature of the political, economic, and cultural life of all
nations.  Plans are underway for an exciting, innovative, and
participatory conference.  We welcome a variety of approaches to
conference sessions but place particular emphasis on participation. We
are looking for conference session proposals that reflect the following

  • Can you showcase a new methodology or technique for attendees to learn or practice?
  • Can you share a case study or project that brings hands-on
    experience, including ways to involve marginalized or hard to reach
    communities, and/or embraces diversity or differences?
  • Do you have a good organizational example or project?
  • Have you been part of a creative or new experiment - that worked well or maybe not so well?
  • Can you provide a look at the roles and perspectives of practitioners, decision-makers, active citizens, and elected officials?
  • How does grassroots activism and protest affect the process or decision?
  • How do the media impact public involvement?
  • What is our role in making the world a better, more participatory place?
  • What is the role of advocacy in the practice?
  • How can we overcome barriers to good decision making?
  • How can we use creativity, graphic facilitation, visual
    participation or the arts to showcase projects or experiences, or
    involve people?

Please visit for more information or to submit online.

Deadline is March 31, 2006.