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Call for Letters of Intent--Community-University Research Alliances Program in Canada

The purpose of the Community-University Research Alliances (CURA)
Program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of
Canada is to support the creation of community-university alliances
which, through a process of ongoing collaboration and mutual learning,
will foster innovative research, training and the creation of new
knowledge in areas of importance for the social, cultural or economic
development of Canadian communities. A new competition is underway,
with letters of intent due May 5.  The CURA program's specific
objectives are to

  • promote sharing of knowledge, resources and expertise between universities and organizations in the community;
  • enrich research, teaching methods and curricula in universities;
  • reinforce community decision-making and problem-solving capacity; and
  • enhance students' education and employability by means of diverse
    opportunities to build their knowledge, expertise and work skills
    through hands-on research and related experience.

Applicants successful at the Letter of Intent stage are eligible for a
development grant of up to $20,000. At the Letter of Intent stage,
eligible expenses are limited to travel, workshops, meetings,
secretarial support and communication and dissemination activities. An
individual CURA can receive funding of up to $200,000 annually for up
to five years.
Applications must be submitted jointly by one or more universities and
one or more organizations from the community. "Community" may refer to
either a geographic focus or to an issue/interest focus. This
requirement reflects the fact that CURAs are partnerships between
universities and organizations from the community established to
jointly develop and implement research activities.

Complete information is available at

[Source: SDOH,]