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Healthy Futures Workshop Updates

Please note that Leadership I will now be held on March 9. The
registration deadline is also extended to March 3. For more information
on this event, please see

Are We There Yet? Roadmaps to Effective Diversity Management
March 23, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Deen Ajasa
$129 + gst ($138.03)

This full day session will focus on providing participants with
practical understanding of issues and challenges that organizations
face while operating in a diverse workforce environment.  This
workshop takes the premise that diversity is everywhere - in our
society, communities, organizations and in our homes.  The issue
is not whether diversity is here or not, the important question is how
do we manage diversity effectively in order to harness the full
potential and competitive advantage that diversity offers.

Typical issues arising from diversity such as workplace harassment and
discrimination will be discussed and practical tips and advice provided
for dealing with them.

Employing fables, discussion, and sharing best practices, the trainer
offers participants with practical skills and ideas on how their
organizations can achieve success by managing diversity effectively,
knowing where they are in the diversity scale and how they can
contribute in moving their organizations to achieving organizational

For more information and to register, visit