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Publications from Risky Drinking - The un-Conference

"This invitation-only conference explored underage drinking and created
a province-wide campaign to raise awareness about the effects of risky
drinking. It was co-hosted by the Ontario Public Health Association
(OPHA) and Parents Action on Drugs (PAD)." [from]

The following presentations are available:
The Impact of Alcohol Advertising on Underage Youth [Powerpoint Show,
32MB] - Presented by Dr. David Jernigan, Director of the Centre for
Alcohol Marketing and Youth, Washington D.C.
The Real Scene: What Marketing Research Tells Us about Underage Youth
in Ontario [Powerpoint Show, 542kb] - Presented by Mike Farrell,
Youthography Youth Marketing
The Real Numbers: What Survey Research Tells Us about Underage Drinking
in Ontario [Powerpoint Show, 3.5MB] - Presented by Marianne
Kobus-Matthews, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
A Real Response: What "Best Practice" Research Tells Us About Campaigns
[Powerpoint Show, 2.4MB] - Presented by Nancy Miller, Miller Neighbour
& Associates and author of the report, "Risky Drinking - Best
Practices Literature Review Towards a Campaign for Underage Drinkers"
[PDF, 238kb]
It Starts Here: Marketing to Youth [Powerpoint Show, 1.4MB] - Presented
by the Un-Conference Creative Directors: Nancy Miller (Miller Neighbour
& Associates), Mike Farrell (Youthography Youth Marketing), and Tim
Keenlyside (Fingerprint Communications)

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