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New Learning Community at THCU!

We are pleased to launch our new Learning Community
( with a summary of a recent web forum
featuring Vicki Freimuth--former director of communications of the CDC
in Atlanta--on the topic of risk communication.

We have posted her comments regarding

  • Finding the right spokesperson
  • Internal communication during a crisis
  • Dealing with literacy levels in risk communication
  • Enlisting media as partners
  • Dealing with media misinformation
  • Communicating difficult decisions sensitively
  • Planning for workload during a crisis
  • Communicating about risk communications
  • Prioritizing internal communication during a crisis
  • Controlling dissemination of confidential information

We invite you to visit and continue the discussion by adding comments,
questions and resources about any of these topics.

We will be monitoring the community to answer your questions and
suggest resources that may assist you.

Our new community runs on weblog software called Wordpress. If you are
new to the world of blogs, we have included a brief tutorial below, as
well as some additional background information at, to help you get started.