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New Health Canada Interactive Nutrition Label

The Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion, Health Canada, is pleased
to launch the Interactive Nutrition Label (INL). This self-directed,
web-based tool will help consumers better understand the nutrition
information on food products. By exploring the INL, consumers will
learn how to use the information on labels to make more informed food
choices. The main target audience of the INL is the principal grocery
shopper. Nutrition Labelling, combined with education on its use, is a
significant support to improve public health in Canada.

Nutrition Labelling regulations became mandatory for large companies on
December 12, 2005. The new regulations require labels on most
prepackaged foods to carry a Nutrition Facts table that lists Calories
and 13 key nutrients in a specified amount of food. As well, the
regulations allow for the first time five health claims on diet-health
relationships and update the requirements for the nutrient content
claims. Smaller companies have until December 12, 2007, to make the
information available.

To access the Interactive Nutrition Label or for more information on
Nutrition Labelling, please visit

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