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Coaching for Improved Performance

9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Family Services Association of Toronto

Instructor: Linda Spence
$129 + GST ($138.03)
One of the most difficult jobs of supervision is addressing performance
problems with staff. Many managers do anything to avoid this unpleasant
activity, creating even more challenging situations. This workshop will
make participants more confident and capable of handling these tough
situations, focusing on constructive approaches using coaching,
planning, and feedback. Skill, motivation, and environmental causes to
problem performance will be examined, as well as appropriate and
effective responses to each. Managers and supervisors will learn

  • The damaging impact on teams and organizations of failing to address performance problems
  • Strategies for dealing with performance problems appropriately and in a timely fashion
  • How to distinguish between teaching, counselling,
    mentoring, and coaching and when each type of intervention is
  • Coaching processes and the basic core competencies for coaching
  • How to challenge employees to continually raise
    their own bar and "add stretch" to employee performance

To get the most out of this session, participants should be prepared to
discuss real-life examples and to test strategies through role-play and
observation.   For more information, and a downloadable registration form, visit our website at