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Release of Health Policy Research Program Policy Research Reports

The Applied Research and Analysis Directorate is pleased to announce
the release of the report of the Health Policy Research Program (HPRP)
workshop entitled Regulation in the 21st Century: Building a Framework
for Policy Research in Microbial Food Safety.  This workshop was
carried out by Dr. Janice Sargeant of McMaster University.

The objective of the workshop was to develop a framework for microbial
food safety (MFS) policy research.  The invited participants
included researchers from academia and government with a wide diversity
of disciplinary expertise as well as policy decision makers from
agriculture and human health groups in provincial and government
organizations.  Participants discussed the types of input required
to address food safety goals, the constraints to producing safe food,
data sources and knowledge  gaps, and opportunities.  
They identified the following types of input: biological
(bio-environmental), economic, socio-cultural, political, and
ethical.  Governance, health systems, and communication/education
also were recognized as important inputs.

Two approaches to a MFS research framework emerged: (1) a systems
approach that sought to define the underlying structure of food
production and policy and the interactions between the component parts;
and (2) a process-oriented approach that described the necessary
research inputs to the policy decision making process.

Health Canada's Health Policy Research Program (HPRP) was created in
2001 to fund health policy research of a medium to long-term
nature.  The Research Management and Dissemination Division (RMDD)
of the Applied  Research and Analysis Directorate (ARAD) is
releasing the Summaries of research results as they become available.

To read the Summary of the Workshop Report, visit