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RFP--Evaluation Consultant(s) for the Creating Healthy School Nutrition Environments (CHSNE) Health Unit Collaboration


The CHSNE Health Unit Collaboration is seeking a consultant(s) to
assist with compiling, analyzing and reporting on data collected in the
evaluation of the Nutrition Tools for Schools pilot project. 
Nutrition Tools for Schools is a comprehensive toolkit that supports
parents, students, administrators, teachers, and public health staff to
create a healthy nutrition environment in elementary schools.


Public Health Dietitians from nine Ontario public health units have
partnered to form the Creating a Healthy School Nutrition Environment
(CHSNE) Health Unit Collaboration.  This collaboration has
developed a nutrition toolkit to assist school communities with
implementing recommendations in the document, Call to Action: Creating
a Healthy School Nutrition Environment, (Ontario Society of Nutrition
Professionals in Public Health, 2004,

Pilot testing of Nutrition Tools for Schools began in fall 2005 and
will conclude in June 2006.  Eighteen schools within eight of the
nine CHSNE Health unit jurisdictions are participating. All
participating pilot schools receive support throughout the pilot
testing period from a public health dietitian.

Scope of Project

The consultant(s) will work from the collected data to compile, analyze
and prepare a final CHSNE Pilot-test Summary Report that

  • Identifies enabling factors to implementation of Nutrition Tools for Schools
  • Identifies barriers to implementation of Nutrition Tools for Schools
  • Highlight changes needed to enhance the effectiveness of Nutrition Tools for Schools
  • Provide direction for expanding implementation of Nutrition Tools for Schools

Specific Deliverables and Completion Date

  1. Participate in Evaluation protocol review meeting--May 11, 2006 (afternoon)       
  2. Facilitate provincial focus group--Late June-early July, final date TBD  
  3. Prepare CHSNE Pilot-test Summary Report using all data collected
    including the analyzed and summarized provincial focus group data (See
    Data Collection below)--mid-July 2006

Final Date TBD

Data Collection

The consultant will use an existing CHSNE Pilot-test Evaluation
framework, corresponding data collection tools and collected data as
outlined below.

Pilot testing data collection completed by the CHSNE Collaboration and
provided to the consultant(s) for preparation of the CHSNE Pilot-test
Summary Report will include

  • Pilot School Profiles (18 total)
  • Written Progress Reports (Completed December 2005 and June 2006
    by each pilot school and by each public health dietitian for a total of
    4 progress reports per school)
  • Key Informant Interviews (Minimum 2-3 per health unit jurisdiction, 36-54 total)
  • Written Health Unit Summary Reports (8 total, compiled from Pilot School Profiles, Progress Reports, Key Informant Interviews)
  • Local Focus Group Summary Report (1 per health unit jurisdiction
    with the exception of one health unit for a total of 7 focus groups)

Pilot-testing data collection that will be completed by the consultant will include

  • One provincial focus group with pilot site dietitians

Position Requirements

The consultant(s) should be willing to

  • work directly with the CHSNE Collaboration by attending
    additional meetings (via teleconference) for approximately 1-2 hours
    per meeting as needed to approve deliverables during the process;
  • travel to Sudbury to facilitate one provincial focus group; and,
  • submit at the end of the contract transfer and copyright of any
    materials prepared as part of this project to the CHSNE Health Unit

The consultant(s) must have the following knowledge, skills and experience:

  • solid evaluation experience and strong facilitation skills with diverse stakeholder groups;
  • strong data management skills including data collection, compilation and analysis for focus group and key informant data; and,
  • excellent report writing skills.

Additional qualifications that would be an asset include

  • Knowledge of the school communities and nutrition interventions, and
  • Knowledge of public health practice.

Submission Requirements

Proposals will be accepted via fax or e-mail, until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 5, 2006.

Proposals must outline the following:

  • An understanding of the scope of this project, referencing the
    CHSNE Pilot-test Evaluation framework and accompanying evaluation tools
    (available upon request)
  • A preliminary work plan outlining all tasks to be undertaken, deliverables and completion dates
  • A budget outline
  • A list of relevant past experiences, related achievements, and qualifications for this contract
  • Samples of recent work (e.g., a sample evaluation plan from a past project)
  • A copy of liability insurance and WSIB clearance if available
  • Two references from organizations or individuals who have used
    the consultant's/consultants' services, preferably in a similar

For More Information or to Request Additional Supporting Documents

Prospective applicants should direct requests for additional background documents to

Mary Ellen Prange, Public Health Nutritionist
Chair, CHSNE Health Unit Collaboration
c/o Hamilton Public Health Services
Tel: (905) 546-2424 x3808

Completed proposals and questions concerning deliverables for this project should be directed to

Carolyn Froats-Emond, Public Health Dietitian
c/o North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit
Tel: (705) 474-1400 x2331
Fax: (705) 474-840-0228

Supporting Documents to RFP to be provided upon request:

  • Description of Toolkit (tool #5)
  • Pilot Evaluation Overview (tool #4)
  • Summary of participating health units and schools
  • Pilot Test Evaluation Framework
  • Pilot School Profile Template (tool #8)
  • Progress Report (tools #10, #11)
  • Key Informant Overview and Interview Questions (tool #13)
  • Local Focus Group Overview and Questions (tool #15)
  • Provincial Focus Group Overview and Question (tool #17)