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RFP--Program Evaluator, Toronto Public Health Workplace

Posting Date: Friday May 19, 2006    
Proposal Due: Friday June 2, 2006 @ 4:00pm
Project Start Date: Monday June 19, 2006
Tasks and key deliverables completed by: Monday, October 2, 2006

Project Background

Toronto Public Health's Workplace Team (Health Options at Work) goal is
to contribute to a healthy high performing workforce through
collaborative implementation of comprehensive workplace health (CWH)
strategies.  CWH is an approach to protecting and enhancing the
health of employees which relies and builds upon the efforts of
employers to create a supportive management under and upon the efforts
of employees to care for their own well being (The Health Communication
Unit (THCU), 2004). Studies demonstrate that workplace health plans
that emphasize initiatives related to the organizational culture,
occupational health and safety as well as the traditional individual
health practices and behaviours can achieve cost savings, improve
productivity and enhance employee retention.  

There are currently 69 000 workplaces in the City of Toronto, 513 of
which are medium to large workplaces. By initially targeting these 513
workplaces, TPH will be reaching a large percentage of the workforce
with limited resources. The Health Options at Work team functions as
the "front door" to all Toronto Public Health (TPH) services. 
TPH's Workplace Team has developed a program logic model (PLM) and
workplans, which will complement the creation of an evaluation plan for
the CWH program.  The PLM was developed in consultation with a
TPH's Planning and Policy Consultant and was reviewed by a THCU

Request for Consulting Services

TPH Workplace team requests written proposals for consultation services
in designing an evaluation plan and making recommendations for its
implementation. The goal would be to evaluate how TPH's workplace team
is delivering services to Toronto workplaces.

The development of an evaluation plan will be accomplished through the following tasks and key deliverables:

  • Review the Project Logic Model (PLM) and the indicators  
  • Facilitate the development of an evaluation plan that works from
    the PLM to specify specific tools/measures to capture indicators, and
    related priorities, timelines and accountabilities.  
  • Assist in the design of the various suggested tools/measures.
  • Make recommendations how best to gather, analyze and review evaluation data, to continuously inform our practice.  

The proposed evaluation plan should be developed in consultation with
an advisory group comprised of staff from the Workplace Team, TPH
stakeholders (Intradivisional committee) and other key stakeholders
identified within the logic model with reference to key documents.

  • Toronto Public Health Comprehensive Workplace Health Logic model
  • Toronto Public Health Workplace Health Design and Implementation Report
  • The Health Communication Unit CWH documents
  • Toronto Public Health Workplace Services Guide

Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience in designing and administering program evaluations
  • Knowledge of public health practice
  • Effective Health Promotion programming
  • Skilled in evaluation reporting

Respondents are asked to provide:

  • Proposed project timelines (Quote of related costs including all taxes and expenses)
  • Two samples of evaluation previously completed
  • An outline of past experiences in evaluation of health promotion programs
  • Two references, with a description of product and services rendered

Applicants who are interested in this opportunity are requested to
submit a letter of interest and a proposal including all costs via
e-mail to

Geeta Dhall  BScN, R.N.
Health Promotion Consultant - Workplace Team
Toronto Public Health
235 Danforth Avenue, 2nd floor
Toronto, ON  M4K 1N2
Tel: (416) 338-0724
Fax: (416) 392-0633