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Release of HPRP Policy Research Reports

Health Canada's Health Policy Research Program (HPRP) was created in
2001to fund health policy research of a medium to long-term
nature.  The Applied Research and Analysis Directorate is pleased
to announce the release of the final reports of the HPRP projects
entitled "Governance for patient safety: Lessons from non-health
risk-critical high-reliability industries."

The objective of this research was to assess the issue of governance
and safety from the perspective of non-health risk-critical industries
that have achieved high reliability in terms of safety.  More
specifically, the research team aimed to identify the structures,
processes and policies in these industries that could be relevant and
applicable to health care.

The research team conducted a literature review of more than 1500
documents and conducted interviews with experts in aviation, nuclear
power and rail safety in Canada and around the world.  This
research assisted them in identifying key facets of how these
industries achieved high-reliability and what governance structures and
processes enabled and facilitated this high-reliability in the context
of high risk.

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