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Specialist Healthy Weight AIM; Research, Advocacy and Health Promotion; HSFO

Reports to: Senior Manager, Healthy Weights AIM
Status:  Contract, Full Time (2 yrs plus potential 3 more yrs)

Purpose/Overall Accountability

The Senior Specialist Healthy Weights AIM will be responsible for the
development and management of processes, tools and resources to support
the effective implementation of the Healthy Weights AIM, including the
implementation of the Community Advocacy Fund. The Senior Specialist
will undertake research on the tools and resources developed by other
key players in this arena in order to maximize the team's capacity to
use and build on these existing resources.

The Senior Specialist will provide information to Community Mission
Specialists (CMSs) on resources available to support advocacy efforts
to enhance physical activity in schools.

General Responsibilities and the Specific (Key) Accountabilities for each
Resource Development

a) Undertakes needs assessments and other research to inform plans for
the development of tools and resources to support the implementation of
advocacy strategies with a focus to increasing the level of physical
activity in Schools.
b) Manages the development of all resources and tools, obtaining all
necessary inputs and approvals including selection and management of
suppliers (writing and graphics) and working with the following

  • CMSs/ other HSFO stakeholders to identify and incorporate their specific needs/objectives into products.
  • Content experts to research topic, gather source info and block out content
  • Parent Brand to identify and incorporate parent brand messaging into products.
  • Editorial team to ensure consistent editorial voice & consistency with editorial guidelines.
  • National Corporate Alliances (NCA) where applicable

c) Works as part of team with editor, Health Information Services and
supply chain team to develop, implement and sustain a system of content
maintenance that will maximize efficiency and consistency across all
info products (presentations, web, brochures) and info services
(1-888#, web, calls via Area Offices)

d) Undertake appropriate evaluation processes to ensure that the
development of new products reflect user insights and meet user

e) Develop and manage budgets for assigned projects and assist the SM
HW AIM with overall product development budget management.

Project Implementation

a) Develop and implement of a review process, with volunteers, to
consider applications for the Community Advocacy Fund and prepare
recommendations for funding.

b) Develop and implement other yet to be determined processes that support the HW AIM.

Knowledge of Tools and Resources

Develops and maintains an inventory of available resources and tools
developed by both HSF and key external partners who are relevant to the
work of the HW AIM team and CMSs in support of the HW AIM (such as
Heart Health Networks, OPHEA, OHPRS).

Support to Community Mission Specialists and the Field re HW AIM

Act as a resource to the CMSs and the Field on new and existing
resources and tools that can assist them in fulfilling the goals of the

Reporting Relationships

Direct Reports and Laterals: This mandate does not have direct reports.

Subject Matter Experts: Works with subject matter experts, including volunteers, as required ensuring health content integrity.
Lateral Relationships:  Service provider to internal customers such as community mission specialists and field
Coordinates input and work of writer, editor, content expert, parent brand manager.

Key Challenges/Constraints:  Contributing to a high profile, new
initiative with many uncertainties and competing demands; Balance the
wide range of stakeholders involved in product development/ approval
with the need to be time & staff efficient, and maintain product

Other Requirements

  • Knowledge or experience working with health information.
  • Knowledge and experience with school settings would be an asset.
  • 5-7 years experience
  • Minimum of a college degree. Degree in health promotion, nursing or related field preferred.

Accountability Dimensions

Accountable to the Senior Manager Healthy Weights AIM for the delivery
of the resources and tools that support the implementation of the
Healthy Weights AIM.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward your application by July 31, 2006, to

People Resources
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON  M4P 1E4