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Translators (Thai and Khem), International AIDS Conference

Great Opportunity for Paid Work with the United Nations Development Program!

We are writing to request translation services for the upcoming
International AIDS Conference to be hosted in Toronto from August 11th
till August 19th.  We are requesting translators for Thai and Khem
(Cambodia), to english.

Translators will interpret for the Red Ribbon Award finalist
communities. "Red Ribbon Award" is an inaugural award, which will be
integrated into and prominently featured at the Toronto International
AIDS Conference.  The award is a new joint initiative of the
Community and Leadership Programmes of the International AIDS
Conference and is being organized by UNDP and UNAIDS. The Red Ribbon
Award provides a unique opportunity to support communities who are
finding innovative and effective ways to address HIV/AIDS and secure
livelihoods around the world.

The interpreters will translate for the finalist communities at various
events during the Conference. Most importantly, they will translate for
communities that participate at the Community Dialogue Space, which
will be organized at the Global Village.  The Community Dialogue
Space will offer an opportunity to showcase communities' projects and
engage in extended dialogues with representatives from other
communities, NGOs, international organizations, donors, policy-makers
and experts on various area of work related to HIV/AIDS.

The interpreters will be assigned to one or two community
representatives and will translate for them during the Community
Dialogue Space and other events the community participants will attend.
Translation will be required only part time for August 11-13 and full
time from August 14-18.

UNDP will provide a small stipend for the translation and AIDS 2006
Conference Registration will be waived. If you are interested in
translating, please contact Blerta Cela at