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New Website--Health Promotion 2020

In the spring of 2006, a team from OPC and THCU engaged in a dialogue
with colleagues from capacity building organizations in the United
States.  The goal of the dialogue was to enhance the efficiency
and effectiveness of Ontario's health promotion resource centres by
identifying promising practices among well-established U.S.

We define resource centres as organizations that build community
capacity and/or increase the use of tools and other innovations, by
providing services (such as training and consultation) and materials
(such as workbooks, tools, research information). This endeavour is
often referred to as technical assistance, knowledge exchange, and
community capacity building.

We have created a web tour that captures some key lessons from the
visits. We have entitled the web tour Health Promotion 2020 because the
end goal of capacity building is to help organizations and communities
improve our population's health. The dialogue is forward thinking and
encourages a focus on the future of health promotion.  Please
visit the web tour at