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Urban Agriculture in Kampala, Uganda: What are the differences from Toronto?

2:00-4:00 p.m.
Toronto Christian Resource Centre, 40 Oak Street, Regent Park

In this seminar Diana Lee-Smith will present new data from Kampala and
describe what happened there during the twentieth century in terms of
people feeding themselves, and discuss the current position of the
Kampala City Council on this issue. She will contrast this with data
about people feeding themselves in Toronto in the nineteenth and early
twentieth centuries.  Diana Lee-Smith will conclude with a comment
on why participatory social planning, including that for gardening, is
needed now, in both places.

'Food for Talk' provides a place for conversations to take place
between people who work with communities, government and universities
to explore the emerging and challenging issues around food security,
agricultural transformation, and local food
alternatives/networks.  This series is jointly sponsored by the
Centre for Urban Health Initiatives, York University Faculty of
Environmental Studies, the Ryerson Centre for Studies in Food Security,
and the Toronto Food Policy Council.
For more information about the seminar series, contact Kim
Crichton-Struthers at or
telephone the Centre for Urban Health Initiatives at (416) 978-7223.